Always on the run (Nahani)

Always On The Run            
(Hans-Peter Jantzer)

1.    You search for silver
       You´re after gold
       You´ve learned the lessons
       That you´ve been told

2.    You are the hunter
       Right on the track
       You´re chasing the rainbow
       And you never look back

Ref.        Always on the run
              Never on Your own, boy
              Lost and lonely souls
              Drowning desperately

              Always on the run
              Dreams are passing by
              All Your fantasies
              Drowning desperately

3.    Your life´s under cover
       You roll like a wheel
       You´re heading for nowhere
       You don´t know how it feels

4.    No one knows the reason
       No one knows your pain
       You need no one to please You
       You´re head of the game